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EB Clearing, Inc. is willing to explore any proposals from our customers. If you have work that needs done and you think we may be of assistance, please do not hesitate to call. If your project is beyond our scope we may be able to recommend a company that can help with your specific need. For more Information on our company and our Clearing and Demolition rates Please call our office.


Heres a short list of some of the main services we can assist you with


~Site Clearing~ 1 tree to 100+ acres, Complete removal of stumps, and all debris. Bulk clearing is our specialty! We strive to be the quickest and cleanest site clearing company in the area.


~Brush and Stump Grinding~using our tub grinder to shred materials already cleared by others.


~Clear Cutting~leaving the stumps and removing the trees. mostly used in areas where eroison control is an issue


~Tree Service Work~selective tree removal or trimming


~Stump Removal~after property has been clear cut, physically removing the stump from the earth


~Fence Line Maintenance ~removal of trees and brush, growing into and around existing fences 


~Firewood~ Split, seasoned hardwood firewood wholesale and retail


~Mulch~ clean hardwood material. wholesale and retail.


~Building Demolition~complete removal of existing building


~Hauling~ 50 ton Lowboy, 100 yd. live floor, log trailer & tri-axle dump truck. 



Clean, Quality work at a fast and safe pace. 


Grinding a clean quality mukch product for landscape mulch manufacturing.


Houses, warehouses, abandoned buildings. We can remove them all. 

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